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Kakudokan is an organization lead by Eri Kusano sensei, based in Norway. She started her studies under the late Yoshio Sugino sensei ( ). She is now a student of his son, Yukihiro Sugino sensei ( ). Her husband, Såzen L. Kusano sensei, is also studying with Sugino sensei and teaches both domestically and abroad.

Kakudokan teaches Tenshinshoden Katori Shinto Ryu Kobudo as taught by Yukihiro Sugino sensei of Yushinkan Sugino Dojo, Kawasaki, Japan ( ).

Sugino sensei and Kusano sensei


We enjoy relationships with the following groups:

We would very much like any other group or individual who consider themselves as students of Sugino sensei to contact Kusano sensei.

The art of the japanese warrior. Once cultivated as a means of surviving in battle. Today, we seek perfection in a battle within ourselves and with each other, to live in peace.

Såzen, zen buddhist monk

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